1. Paying for your commission

1.1 We accept the following forms of payment upon completion of your order, Paypal, cheque or postal order.

1.2 When payment has been received and cleared we will dispatch the complete order to you via registered post, collection in person can also be arranged.  

1.3 Where an order is taken for a large number of figures, work will be broken down into manageable sections, payment will then be required for completed sections. Individual arrangements for large commissions will be agreed in writing prior to the commencement of any work.

1.4 Where figures are dispached to you via post, we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage occuring during transit.

2. Completion dates

2.1 Prior to accepting a commission, estimated completion dates and pricing will be discussed, once agreed this will be confirmed in writing*. Whilst the work is in progress I will send you updates including pictures via email.

2.2 Alterations, additions or amendments to figures required by you once work is in progress, should be requested in writing.

2.3 Delays or increase in overall cost which are likley to occur as a result of alterations, additions or amendments requested by you, will be confirmed in writing. 

*completion dates are an estimate only, whilst we will endevour to meet agreed completion dates, the nature of the work can result in unforseen delays, as such where a delay is likley to occur we will confirm in writing within a reasonable period. 

3. Cancelling a commission

3.1 Work on figures will commence 14 days after schedule and pricing has been agreed in writing to allow for a cooling off period. Cancellations before this period incur no cost.

3.2 Once work has began cancelation is required in writing. If you cancel a commission before we have started work on it, then we will return your figures to you. You will be responsible for all p&p fees incured as a result of returning your figures.

3.3 If we have started painting your order and you wish to cancel, you will be required to make full payment for the completed work plus a p&p return fee for the works to be delivered along with any unfinished models .

4. Supply of castings and artwork ownership

4.1Subject to our cancellation policy above all artwork and castings are considered our property until full payment has been made.

4.2 If you wish us to supply figures we can, however you will need to send us the cost of the castings and p&p to allow me to order the figures directly for you.